The "Museo de Monte Cristi" has an extensive collection of Pre-Columbian artifacts that represent the Taino culture, accompanied by explanations regarding the significance of their symbols and mythology.

The collection is limited to objects from the Province of Monte Cristi, and are the patrimony of the Province, as well as being National Patrimony. Locally made copies (marked as such) will be available at the gift shop for legal purchase.

Because of the extensive trade with Europe during the time of sailing ships, combined with the offshore cays and randomly situated reefs, there were a lot of shipwrecks. The depth of water is shallow enough for surface diving, so many of these wrecks were partially salvaged at the time of their sinking. However the hulls remained, and covered with river silt and coral, they are time capsules.

Over recent years, many of these wrecks have been professionally salvaged, and the items uncovered are conserved and on display - each telling its own story, a bit of history from centuries ago.