The Museum

The Museum ("El Museo de Monte Cristi") is located facing the main town park with its famous Clock Tower, at the corner of the town's main street and the avenue that leads to the beach. It is Montecristi's prime location, with ample parking in front.

The public museum was designed to take advantage of natural light and prevailing breezes, aided by overhead fans. Solar panels supplement the town electricity, and power consumption was designed to be very low. The interior has yet to be completed, but there is over 3,000 sq.ft. of space than can provide over 400 linear feet of exhibits, which will include fossils, artifacts from the pre-columbian Tainos, and salvaged objects from the many shipwrecks in the area. One wall has been reserved for temporary exhibits, in order to provide fresh interest to visitors. Admission will be free.

When completed the museum will have a small "gift" shop with locally made copies of artifacts on display, along with typical items found in gift shops. The emphasis will be on products made by local talent. There is also an open-air "Cantina" facing the park that will serve refreshments and snacks - a pleasant spot to relax and enjoy the view.